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Hand Painted Furniture

Transform your home with hand painted furniture

Hand-painted furniture adds a unique special touch to any room. However, where you have a lot of furniture to do, or where you want a really high class finish or specialist decorative finishes, it probably pays to call in the professionals.

hand painted table and dresser furniture

We can transform modern or period furniture, individual one off pieces or full interiors with our proven techniques and quality materials, specifically produced for hand-painting kitchens and custom painted furniture.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Add character and charm to dressers and display furniture with the Shabby Chic effect.

hand painted farmhouse dresser

This farmhouse dresser got a whole new look with some striking colours

hand painted chairs

Intergrate dining room furniture to match your hand painted kitchen

Barnby Island unit side view

Whatever project you have in mind, whether its bespoke custom built furniture, existing built in dressers and display cabinets or individual pieces of furniture, please feel free to Contact Me I will be more than happy to give you any advice and the benefit of my experience.